10 Views of Fuji San

While we were shooting the movie AUN in the vicinity of Mount Fuji I photographed the holy mountain from many different angles in reference to Hokusai’s 36 VIEWS OF MOUNT FUJI. I used a Polaroid camera which means I had no influence on the colors. Later i had the images scanned and C-printed 100x100cm onto Japanese Washi (handmade paper). Some of the images depict the cliche Fuji, others are rather conceptual e.g. one day while we were location hunting for the movie I discovered the very spot from which the artist who did the etching of mount for the backside of the 1000 Yen note. As mount Fuji was covered by clouds I held up the 1000 Yen note instead of it and took a polaroid… They were printed and signed in an edition of 10×10.